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Life is in stages, we develop from childhood to adolescence then to adulthood. Often, we sit back to reflect on our past experiences in the various phases of life we have passed through and then we realize that all we are left with are memories. We sometimes get the nostalgic feeling of wanting to go back to certain experiences we have been through and then we wish we have reminders. A picture can come in very handy at this point. For instance, imagine the joy of a grown adult female when she looks back at albums that have been kept for her through the various phases of life she has been through. I can literately feel the pure joy feeling in her mind which is then expressed in gratitude to her parents. When time passes, it can never be recovered. It is, therefore, necessary to try to capture life’s memories in pictures. After all, according to Marc Riboud, taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.

Photography is arts, arts is the graphical expression of our feelings. At Loan Tran Photography, we do not only take pictures, but we also help create the best memories from life’ s moments. We specialize in maternity photography, baby photography, family photography and broadly arts photography. We cherish the memories you want to make and we take great caution in helping you create them. We are very much aware that the major quality a good photographer has to possess includes: a great eye for detail, patience and flexibility, creativity, passion, and good social skills. We continual equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge required to enable us to bring your pictures to life. Because your satisfaction is our utmost concern and we value every demand you make, we put in our very best to make sure your needs are met.

We are well aware that passion and creativity are not the only ingredients needed to produce the best quality photographs, quality equipment and instruments are also very important. At Loan Tran Photography, our photography studio is top-notch and we do not take the issue of quality equipment lightly as we make sure we acquire the best equipment in terms of cameras, lenses, backdrops, props to enhance art photography, reflector, tripod and so on. This is to enable us to create the best pictures that will bring your past life’s moments right at your fingertips.  Imagine the combination of talents and tools; it is sure to give an excellent result. For arts photography, our creative experts can bring your imaginations into reality.  Our relevant props and set designer will give you the perfect background for your family portraits, maternity shoots, and baby photographs.

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With the contemporary knowledge of photography that we have, we help create a picture-perfect photograph of you. You do not have to be a model in order to take the best pictures, you also do not have to take a course on modeling, our professionals have got what it takes to make you comfortable in front of the camera such that you express yourself without any atom of shyness in order to take the best pictures.

Are you looking for a photography studio to capture your life’s precious moments? Are you planning on going for a maternity photo shoot to create valuable memories later? Are you looking for a photography studio that can successfully capture your baby’s perfect smile? Are you planning on making that unique family portrait that you have always imagined or do you want to recreate one? Look no further because at Loan Tran Photography we offer all those services and we put in our best to give you the best.

Home is not necessarily a building; it is having the people in the building around you. There are times you would not be physically present will all the members of your family due to the various duties you will have to fulfill, having a family portrait with you will not definitely be a bad idea because sometimes we long to be around our family members but when they are not physically present with us, the memories we’ve created with them are brought alive by the pictures we have taken with them. Take action! Contact us now for your maternity photography, baby photography, family portraits, senior photography and art photography. We are waiting for your bookings and we look forward to working for you.

Remember, we don’t just take pictures; we make pictures into your family memories.

Contact us at or call us at (504) 201-3366 for a free maternity photographers quote.

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